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Tempered Glass

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Tempered Glass

When regular glass breaks it shatters into large, jagged shards that can cause terrible injuries. Tempered glass, or toughened glass as it is sometimes known, is far stronger and has been treated to ensure that it breaks into small, blunt cubes that minimise the chance of accidental injury.

    This makes toughened glass far more durable, and safer, than regular glass. It often sees use in unframed assemblies such as shower cubicles, glass table tops or frameless doors.

    The glass itself is formed by the application of thermal procedures – specifically being heated to a high temperature and then being rapidly cooled – to provide the pane with its characteristic strength.

    Laminated safety glass differs from tempered glass in that it is a composite of two (or more) sheets of glass with a layer of transparent plastic between the layers. This plastic layer bonds the glass, even when it’s broken, avoiding dangerous, large sharp pieces forming. Broken laminated glass normally forms a characteristic “spider web” cracking pattern and is ideal for those who want safety from their glazing installations.

    At Bason Aluminium we have a variety of customised tempered and laminated glass solutions to suit your every need. We are able to cater directly to the domestic, commercial or property developer markets and ensure that our tempered glass panes precisely conform to your specific requirements or any building regulations that may apply.Contact us for competitive pricing and a personalised quote.

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